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Oligo with Ramboll Ready to Present World Class Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Facility in Tangerang City

Jakarta, 18 May 2022 | Tangerang City's WtE is now entering the preparation phase of the infrastructure construction, that is predicted to take 2-3 years to build. For that, after the signing of the cooperation agreement between Tangerang City Municipality Government and PT Oligo Infra Swarna Nusantara (Oligo) on the March 09th, 2022, Oligo's management inaugurated a strategic partnership with Ramboll Group A/S (Ramboll), a global firm of 16,500 experts focused on creating sustainable solutions in the world for Buildings, Transports, Energy, Environment & Health, Water, Management Consulting, and Architectures & Landscapes. Ramboll itself is based in Denmark, and has become a reference for various world-class projects, and one of Ramboll's most iconic works is the WtE Amager Bakke facility in Copenhagen.

Amager Bakke, or also known as Amager Slope, is a Waste-to-Energy (WtE) processing facility that is integrated with various social functions of the community, in addition to the use of high technology to minimize the risk of waste processing derivatives. As we know, Denmark is one of benchmark for various sustainable innovations and a center for the development of world science and technology, for that it can be ascertained that Oligo can certainly take many benefits from collaborating with Ramboll to build the Tangerang City WtE facility.

Cynthia Hendrayani, Director of Oligo expressed great appreciation and enthusiasm to immediately work with Ramboll, especially in finalizing the stages of development planning and knowledge transfer through the application of best practices that have been implemented from the experts involved.

"We are really grateful, Ramboll Group A/S welcomed the invitation to collaborate. This is proof of Oligo's seriousness in presenting sustainable solutions for waste management, especially in Tangerang City, at the same time presenting the best experts as partners as a realization of our sustainable investment commitment to Indonesia," explained Cynthia.

She added, in addition to focusing on the development of waste management facilities into energy, Oligo also wants to make Tangerang City WtE Facility as a public space that provides sustainable social contributions just like the implementations in other developed countries.

"Tangerang City WtE Facility must be a place that is friendly to the surrounding environment, and able to contribute to various social aspects of the community," explained Cynthia.

Carsten Schneider, Project Development Director (Energy) at Ramboll conveyed the same vision with Oligo to realize sustainable management of waste into energy as a future solution as well as added value for the environment. The momentum of collaboration with Oligo can be an important step to realize an increase in the quality of waste management not only in Indonesia, but also Asia regional level.

"We are very proud of being selected as Owner's Engineer for this great project and will be looking forward to continue the great cooperation with the Oligo team moving towards sustainable waste management in Indonesia", said Schneider.

Haoxin Xu, Senior Consultant and Project Manager at Ramboll also explained Ramboll's global achievements in various developed countries. Some of the projects that are under construction include the world's largest Integrated Waste Management Facility located in Singapore, Dubai WMC, the largest facility in the Middle East, and Australia's first WtE facility in Kwinana.

"I am extremely privileged to have the chance to work with Oligo in the next phase of the project development, and our Ramboll team is looking forward to contributing to the sustainability path of Indonesia and making a positive impact with Oligo!", explained Haoxin.